Krewella 'don't give a f*** if you ain't on [their] team,' because the girls are doing them. The sister duo, comprised of Jahan Yousaf and Yasmine Yousaf, released their latest single "Team" in December of 2016, and are preparing to take 2017 by storm with a ton of new music and tour dates for the fans -- their loyal Krew. The girls have plans to release brand new music this year, as well as head out on the road on tour.

Jahan and Yasmine told us about their plans for 2017 during an exclusive interview. They talked about when fans can expect new songs, as well as explained the meaning behind "Team." Check it out below.

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What do the lyrics to your song "Team" mean to you?

"It's been a long time now, but I think that we went into that trying to write in a very liberated mindset. Not caring about what anyone would think about it. Really just enjoying every moment, and focusing on every lyric, and not worrying about what anyone was going to think about it. We just tried to capture that feeling of actually not giving a f***. Not just saying you don't give a f***, but actually purely not giving a f*** and having no inhibitions about who you are, and being proud of who you are.  That was one of those break-through moments for us also in the studio, because I think before that, we were just evolving, and a lot of times thinking about what success means, and how to feel self worth. And a lot of times as artists, and just as human beings, that comes from what other people say about you. And whether it's charts, or numbers, or how well your songs are doing, or how well your tour is doing, or what people say about you, you sometimes base your level of confidence off of that. And at that point in our lives, several months ago, when we wrote 'Team,' we just got to a certain point where we were like, 'it doesn't matter.' We have an incredible group of people, incredible managers, friends. There's a really tight-knit group of people who support us, and encourage us to be healthy, and to be the best artists we can be, and experiment with our art. That's the kind of group you want to surround yourself with, and that's the kind of people that we were thinking about when we were writing 'Team' also."

So what do you have planned for the rest of 2017? 

"We've been in the studio pretty much every single day that we're not doing a show. So we're sitting on a bunch of new finished songs, and we have our next, I want to say five songs, that we know we're going to release. We just have to figure out when in the schedule, and it's all coming. And we're planning our next tour. We did a tour called 'Sweatbox Tour' last year, so we're planning the level up of 'Sweatbox' to do later this year."

You mentioned that you have five songs picked out to release this year, so what can the Krew expect from that? Your sound has definitely evolved over the years, so how do you think that reflects in the new music coming out?

"The next song, fingers crossed that it will be the next song, it's called 'Be There,' and we've actually been teasing it on Snapchat a lot and on Instagram stories. But that one, the hook actually is reminiscent of 'Alive' in a way, that it's just a huge emotional release with a really energetic music section. So I think that's something that will reengage all of the really hardcore fans, but it also shows an evolution in the sense that we incorporated more eastern Bollywood sounds. And for a lot of [people] who don't know, we're half Pakistani, and that's something that [we've] really been playing around with in the past years; how to get back in touch with our roots, because we lost sight of that ... I'd say when we first started touring five years ago, and just kind of forgot where we came from. I think that's the path of becoming an artist, is thinking back to the sh** you were raised on when you were five [and] ten years old. And so I think that's who we really are as musicians, is electronic dance meets urban, meets Bollywood sounds, and we're kind of just fusing all of that together."

Check out the dates for the ‘Sweatbox Tour':

MON 27 FEB - New Orleans, LA - Zoolu    

FRI 3 MAR - Tampa, FL - Amphitheatre at The Ritz              

SAT 4 MAR - Cancun, Mexico - Grand Oasis Cancun           

MON 6 MAR - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - El Squid Roe        

WED 8 MAR - Puerto Vallarta, Mexico - Xtreme Trips PV                 

SAT 11 MAR - Monterrey, Mexico - Hellow Festival           

WED 15 MAR - Chicago, IL - Letric Leprecaun      

FRI-SUN 9-11 JUN - Chicago, IL - Spring Awakening             

FRI 21 JUL - Boom, Belgium - Tomorrowland

Watch Krewella's Official "Team" music video below!

Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio