At Ultra Miami, iHeartRadio caught up with brothers Sjoerd and Wouter Janssen, the DJ-duo also known as Showtek. We talked about everything from their new track, "On Our Own," to performing on the Ultra Main Stage, to New York City's amazing Italian food. They also revealed their top three songs to dance to on their own. Check it out below!

"On Our Own," released on March 31, is a track they worked on with Brooks featuring Natalie Major. Wouter wanted to note, "We’ve done a lot of features with people to build up our name and we know how hard it is. Some people forget about you when you’re also part of the song so I want to make sure everyone gets credited." They actually produced the song with Natalie three years ago but made a new version with Brooks, which became the new single.  

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They signed Brooks a couple of years ago and Showtek is super appreciative of the feedback they give each other. "It’s nice that this kid has ears for what might be coming in the future like we did when we were young and meeting up with older, more experienced producers. We were all ‘we’d like to be involved’ and it’s cool to not only work with guys like David Guetta or Tiesto, but also work with kids who are up and coming." Brooks is getting support from Sjoerd and Wouter for "Byte," his new release with Martin Garrix, which premiered at Ultra.

To go along with the title of the new song, we asked Showtek what their top three songs to dance to on their own are. They agreed "On Our Own" was number one. It represents being and believing in yourself. Sjoerd said, "Even if you dance on your own, you can be who you want to be." Wouter then added Drake's "Passionfruit" and said, "I have to be honest. I glanced over the playlist. That’s because I listened to this and it got me hooked the first second I heard it. I mean, the beat is amazing. The whole vibe." Kanye's "Fade" was Sjoerd's pick to finish off the list. He loved the song when he first heard it and it's become one of his top played songs, but when he watched the video, he said, "It triggered me to watch it all over again. It's so empowering."

On their second time playing Ultra, Sjoerd commented, "I think Miami is one of the most multicultural cities anywhere in America so to see all those people coming together from different countries, flying over, it’s a great thing." Another great thing about Miami, he added, is Harry's Pizzeria. They must have been hungry because the conversation transitioned into one about favorite foods -- vegetarian green curry and Italian cuisine. Wouter admits that even after eating authentic Italian food in Italy, nothing compares to the delicious Italian food New York City has to offer! You can watch their Ultra set below.

Photos: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio