Diplo & MØ Show Off Synchronized Dance Skills In 'Get It Right' Video

Chemistry is something that is simply undeniable in when it comes to collaborations, and Diplo and are shining examples of how much a proper working relationship can lead to plenty of creative outputs. Since working together on 2013's "Lean On," the pair have gone on to churn out pop banger after pop banger and their newest team-up, "Get It Right," is no exception to that very description.

"Get It Right," which appears on the soundtrack to Major Lazer's documentary, Give Me Future, is a bouncy slice of electro-pop that hears the dynamic duo take another step forward in the realm of weird pop, but the video, which dropped on Thursday (January 11), really shows off their special relationship. In fact, when it comes to the Brantley Gutierrez-directed visual, MØ credited the premise entirely to the hit producer. "He came up with this idea of a full song of synchronized choreography and I just loved that idea — even though I was very nervous to learn all of those steps!" the Danish pop star said. "But it all worked out and it was one of the most fun video shoots I have ever been on."

"[It] was one of those songs that was written within a very short amount of time — where you hear the beat, you feel inspired, you sing the melodies and the lyrics write themselves because they were already there," she continued. "Good sounds inspire you to write more passionately about subjects that are close to your heart, and [Diplo’s] sounds tend to do that to me."


Photo: YouTube/Diplo


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