How Loud Luxury's Dance Anthem 'Body' Became A Bonafide Smash

Loud Luxury's breakout hit "Body" has become something like a wildfire. Released back in 2017, the dance track, which features brando, has gone gold in the United States and has tallied up over 400 million streams. While the Canadian dance duo have already released its predecessor, "Love No More," "Body" is still picking up steam, so we turned to Andrew Fedyk and Joe Depace to learn more about how the former budding producers went from aspiring Toronto-born pursuers to a flourishing staple on the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart

Scroll on below to learn more about the track's start, their love for their hometown and how a Porter Robinson concert inspired the twosome to take a real stab at music!


"Body" is picking up major steam. How did you two go about perfecting every detail of this track?

Joe: We were quite intense about listening to the track as much as possible and refining every detail to make sure everything was perfect.

Andrew: When we went for runs and workouts, it was the only song we listened to at times.

Joe: We tested it in cars, iPod headphones, club systems, whatever, pretty much anything that could play it. This was all in pursuit of making the best possible song.

The song includes a few references to your hometown of Toronto. What’s your favorite mention of your stomping grounds?

Joe: For sure "dine in the 6" for the reason that Toronto is one of the dopest cities for food in the world. It’s a melting pot of many different cultures so there is always a new restaurant to try out.

I understand that you collectively found career inspiration after going to a Porter Robinson concert. What do you both recall about that evening?

Andrew: For us, it was the first show that felt like more than someone going up and playing their hits. He had all these amazing edits and moments that made going to see Porter a super unique experience.

Joe: We have always tried giving something special like that back to our fans no matter what the show is.

Andrew, you've previously mentioned that you loved the way he connected with a crowd. What's the most important method of connecting with your fans?

Andrew: Being present and in the moment. It's important to remember that your fans have their own lives, so we always take time to talk with them about their day and if there’s something you can do to make theirs even just a little better that’s dope.

Joe: I remember one time we even delivered some fans a pizza because we felt bad about a show being canceled. The most important thing is that they can communicate with us. So many times people are in disbelief that we are the ones that run our social media accounts.

What’s next in line for the rest of 2018? 

Andrew: "Body" has given us an incredible moment and we want to take advantage of it and meet as many fans and play as many shows as we can." 

Joe: We are making music every day and have a lot on the way but our mission, for now, is being able to tell our story and get more people familiar with us.


Photo: @visualbass 


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