Echosmith's Sydney Sierota Likens Audien Collab 'Favorite Sound' To Therapy

Echosmith's leading lady Sydney Sierota penned the lyrics to "Favorite Sound," the group's new collaboration with Audien, over a year ago, but the sentiment still hits home with the singer. Earlier this month, the vulnerable dance team-up dropped and the frontwoman is hoping that the song gives listeners the same reassurance and relief that it provides to her.

"I'm relating to it so much right now and it's cool that your own music can kind of be your own therapy sometimes," the 21-year-old vocalist told iHeartRadio in an exclusive interview for the track. Over twinkling production, Sydney sings about the fear about being secluded with just the voices in her head, but as the track picks up pace, so does her comfort in being by herself. "When it all dies down, it gets so loud/ All the voices in my head just try to fill me up with doubt/ I'm learning how to turn around All the voices in my head/ I think I found my favorite sound," she optimistically sings during the hook, before a bouncy beat drop takes the forefront of things. "I feel like it's literally in song form what my head feels like so many times, especially when I'm alone," Sydney explained. "Even just talking to my therapist the other day, she's like 'It sounds like you don't like to be alone.'"

Meanwhile, Audien said he was drawn to the cut because of the interpretive nature of the lyrics, where she sings about battling the voices in her head. "I always like to work on songs where there's a lot of different ways that you can interpret it," the producer explained, adding that he's been a fan of the pop trio for some time now. "I just asked for some stuff that [Echosmith] was working on and I got a pack of amazing songs."

After sifting through the batch, he discovered "Favorite Sound" and took a stab at producing the group's rough demo, but decided to leave a lot of the instrumental in their original. "There was a lot of really cool guitars and really moving stuff that I kept in. That's why it sounds like not as much of a dance record [but instead] like a crossover kind of alternative, pop, dance record," he continued. It's a creative approach that Sydney compared to Coldplay's material, and while the sonic palette of "Favorite Sound is quite different to the band's material, she's glad that Echosmith can partake in the trend.

Photo: Rachel Kaplan for iHeartRadio