Florida Man hides on roof of Brandon FL Best Buy

Just after 2 a.m. The Hillsborough County Sheriffs Office received an alarm call from Best Buy in Brandon. Upon arrival, deputies discovered a breach at the access roof hatch. Aviation responded and found suspect, Dustin Jay Ammons (39), on the roof attempting to hide.

Deputies got onto the roof and located Ammons, along with burglary tools, a 64-foot ladder and 11 black duffle bags. Seems like Mr. Ammons had big plans. He was wearing all black and had a radio earpiece. Deputies nearby began searching for his car and discovered it was parked across the street at the AMC Theater. Inside was Liliana Maria Grist (42), also equipped with a radio ear piece.

Surveillance video from inside Best Buy did not show anyone walking inside the business, but it did reveal two ropes hanging from the ceiling. Sadly for these two, the ropes didn’t help them successfully steal any merchandise. They didn’t get any electronics, but they did get charges of Criminal Mischief, Possession of Burglary Tools and Burglary of an Unoccupied Structure.